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Here at Redondo Therapy, I strive to help you find the right path and deal with destructive issues that stand in your way. You are one step closer to being a better you. We all grow everyday and sometimes we grow in the wrong direction. As a solution based therapist, my goal is to aid you in finding out who you are, how to deal with life's stresses and help you find a path that promotes well-being and security within yourself. Surely we know that the past cannot be changed, but it can be better understood or resolved within your life. You can work through the challenges and negative patterns that have held you back thus far. You can experience a more fulfilling life which you deserve to have and to cherish.

I cannot promise to fix you, but to show you how you can begin to fix yourself and put the pieces back together the way they should be. I can promise to be there through these challenges and to give you the extra support and guidance you may need to move yourself forward into a new you and a brighter tomorrow.  

Please call or email me for a therapy consultation today. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Cathleen Cunningham, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist
Lic# 48917

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